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James Stevens


Hopefully, you've looked around my website and wondered about me.

I'll get the boring part over, where I tell you I was born in Surrey in 1997 and went through school doodling on book covers, much to my teacher's displeasure.

Great, now I can get to the good stuff. Formula 1.

Nothing beats the ever-changing landscape of this sport. A history of record-breaking legends and teams, pursuing speed, time and competition.

This is where my art comes in.


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From high-speed pit stops to historic legends, I capture the sport in a way not often seen in the art world, that celebrates the driver and the team as a whole.

Here you can see a painting of Alex Albon and the Williams Racing team in 2023 as they perform a highly choreographed pit stop, a split-second manoeuvre capable of defining the outcome of any race.

It's important to capture every aspect of a scene such as this, from radio wires to overhead cables. There is beauty in the chaos.

Each piece has to balance with the subject. I often preplan this, working with multiple colours to narrow down my desired effect.


These colours can drastically change the feel of a room. For example, a subtle blue will bring calmer tones to the room than a red one. So this is an important factor I consider as well.

Before I finish I thought I'd share where this all started, with my first official Formula 1 painting featuring Lewis Hamilton in the 2021 Mexican GP, titled "Pit Stop".


It wouldn't be wrong to say that this painting was the start of my pit-stop paintings. Sparking the style and work I now make today.

Thank you to all those who continue to support my work.

Please feel free to take a look around and if you have any questions or enquiries, don't hesitate to get in contact.

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