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James Stevens


I'm James, hopefully you've had a look around at some of my work and are wondering a bit about the artist behind them.

If not you might be on the wrong page.

I don't want to bore you with my life story, but the basic backstory to my journey is that my career of becoming a pilot was turned on its head, the pub I worked at went under and I was then left in limbo not knowing what would come next. 

Truthfully a younger me would not have ever dreamed I'd have a website, let alone make paintings for a living.


my work

I have an innate fascination with the intricate workings and details within subjects.

Over the years I have developed my abilities and style to create the work I do now.

A signature part of my work is capturing subjects devoid of their environment, evoking a dance of colour and motion. Each painting does more than sit on a wall and instead emits its own personality to each room.

My focus in Formula 1 and motorsport is a personal one of enjoyment. It's an inspiring sport for so many, and like any job you have to enjoy the work you're doing to gain fulfilment and inspiration, and art is no exception.



2022 was a landmark year for me and my work, with my first partnered gallery now stocking a large number of my original paintings and prints.

I also had the pleasure of being featured in exhibitions such as the London Visual Art Open of the year.

And an incredibly successful first open studio, with crowds of people visiting from all over to see the exhibit.

All of these hurdles wouldn't have been possible without the support and purchasing of my work, so thank you to all those following my journey.

The future is an exciting prospect.

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